PIA introduces special fares from London to Karachi

PIA Special tickets are available from London to Karachi with value added services on top. All PIA tickets and value added services are below.

  • Special one way fares on PIA, normally return fares are cheaper but on this special fare customers can avail one way fares as well.
  • If there’s a change in your plan and you wish to change your tickets and normal circumstances you have to pay date change penalty but on this special offer you can have first change FREE.
  • Baggage allowance on this is more than the usual you’re allowed to carry 50 kilograms , if you avail this offer.
  • Inflight meals can be booked in advance now, you have a choice of more then 16 meals categories, just let airline know in advance and they will take responsibility and will prepare meal of your choice on PIA flight.
  • These fares are restricted to London to Karachi and back flights only.

Please note Pakistan International Airlines reserves the right of changing or cancelling this promotion anytime.

Pakistan parliament converted PIA into public limited company.

National Assembly of Pakistan approved bill of changing PIA status to a public limited company, PML(N), PPP, JUI(F) was in favor of converting the PIA into public limited company and ANP contended the bill, Zahid Hamid, Federal Minister introduced bill in National Assembly. The only reason ANP opposed bill was they were not consulted before passing the bill as other parties were.

So from now onwards PIA will be considered as public limited company rather then a Pakistan International Airlines corporation.